About Us

About us:

Teach4Morocco is a Moroccan national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) created in 2011 and based in Meknes.

Teach4Morocco is made of a team of young people concerned about the state of education in Morocco. They belong to different Moroccan institutions of higher education and share a desire to affect lasting change. Our team is also made of education practitioners with years of experience in the field of education in Morocco.

We believe that while improving the system of education can involve big governmental strategies, it also necessitates small interventions. We also believe that change comes from within and we want to be part of the solution. Teach4Morocco advocates a ground up approach whereby Moroccans take an active role in improving the current educational system.

Our mission:

Teach4Morocco wants to help make Moroccan education better.

Our vision:

One day, all Moroccan people will have access to quality education.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a good study environment for students in remote schools: good classrooms, heating and sanitary infrastructure, and small libraries.
  • Finance innovative projects aiming at enhancing the classrooms, students and teachers lives.
  • Incorporate substantive extracurricular activities into a regular school day.
  • Inspiring students through interactive scientific and artistic mediums.
  • Connecting motivated volunteers with at-need schools.
  • Working with existing teachers to reinvigorate curriculum.